By Margorie Espe, Owner-LionSky  – Digital Marketing Specialist Why Testimonials/Reviews Are Important 1 Margie Espe Profile Image Round

Online Reviews/Testimonials are a very important part of your business.  Most times, this can encourage/discourage potential customers from clicking the link to your website.

They Establish Trust.  They are validation for a company.  They provide genuine feedback to potential customers.

They Impact Sales.  This is especially important for small business.  Once a potential customer stumbles upon your website, online reviews and testimonials are the best and easiest way to put any doubts the customer has, to rest.   They can immediate see what your track record is.  They can read what your company is about and how customers were treated.

They Improve SEO.  Good testimonials encourage customers to click your website link, that drives more traffic and more sales.

The best way to receive customer testimonials is to send your customers a link after you have provided a service.  A link directly to your review page will help them review you easily.  It is important for customers to find your reviews easily on your website.  See this testimonial example from our site.  We also put them in the footer of each of our pages.

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3 Reasons Why Customer Testimonials Drive Business Success

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