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According to the official Business Dictionary, a brand is a unique design, sign, symbol, words, or a combination of these, employed in creating an image that identifies a product and differentiates it from its competitors. In other words, a brand is a visual representation which people correlate with a company or a product. An effective brand identity is the one which customers associate with a high level of credibility and quality.

branding design and strategy

At the heart of any great business is a first class product or service and ideally it is the customer’s ‘first choice’. Building and managing your brand can play a large part in making this happen. If you want to strengthen and manage the perceptions and success of your business, then a strong brand is essential. Good branding will elevate and differentiate your products or services over your competitors and gives your customers comfort in their choice.

In reality, better perceptions outsell better products – A famous example of this concept: the famous Coke/Pepsi blind taste test. In blind tastings Pepsi tends to have a slight advantage, but take the blindfold off and Coke nearly always wins. Coke has the better perception!

Brand is the beginning and the end of everything. We see brands everywhere, all the time, whether we realize it or not. Our world is flooded with brands, and the good ones know how to make us choose them over all the noise.


Coke’s brand continues to overpower consumer’s
taste preference with their strong brand!

branding facts

  • Branding is the building of trust with employees, customers and stakeholders.
  • Branding is the sum total of a company’s value, including products, services, people, advertising, positioning, and culture.
  • Strong branding gives potential clients a firm idea of what they are buying before they buy it, making purchasing easier.
  • Customers trust strong brands because they know what to expect from the product or service.
  • Branding can help increase your sales.
  • Branding encourages confidence and trust in your product/service
  • Branding develops the uniqueness of your product.
  • Branding is not just for big companies, it makes smaller businesses stand out from the crowd.

3 key components of a good brand?

brand values – What your business’s strengths (or brand values) are, what you are good at and believe in, as a business. You need to ensure you can ALWAYS deliver your brand values and ideally match them to what your customers desire.

unique selling proposition or selling point (USP) – Your USP is a summary of what you do and how you do it better or differently than others. Often, a USP can be summed up in just a few words that become a catch-phrase or strapline. Whether long or short, your USP should focus on how it benefits the customer. Here are a few well-known examples of USP tag-lines: “The Best a Man Can Get” – Gillette – USP focusing on quality, “Have it your Way” – Burger King – USP focusing on choice, “Just Do It” Nike – USP focusing on a can-do attitude, “The Ultimate Driving Machine” – BMW – USP focusing on performance.

cohesive visual style – Unique Logo, Brand Colors, Brand Typefaces. If a picture forms part of your logo, it’s style and subject need to comply with your brand values and message. People have very strong emotional responses to particular colors, shades or tints. Your brand colors need to reflect your brand values – you don’t want to send mixed messages such as using fiery red for a relaxing massage. Typefaces are the styles of lettering that form your logo and any correspondence/interaction with your target audience. Some typefaces look friendly, some look elegant, some more modern, and some look more casual. It is important to make sure the tone and personality of the typefaces match that of your brand. Whatever visual elements you choose – stick with them! Changing often will confuse the consumer!

Our Logo Design service is a great way to start your branding journey. We offer a variety of approaches to develop your brand. This may be a simple re-design of your current look or it may be developing a new branding strategy for your business. We will work with you to find the perfect approach to find logo to brand your business. Your logo is very important in your website and social media presence.

sample logo redesigns


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