Congratulations Airfloor on Your New Website! 1 LionSky Client AirFloor

LionSky Media is pleased to be working with AIRFLOOR™-  an innovative alternative to HVAC system installation that eliminates ductwork and drop ceilings. It provides radiant and forced-air heating/cooling through a network of steel forms and registers imbedded in the concrete floor.  AIRFLOOR is an improved alternative to a hot water radiant system since it has the same radiant benefits plus the cost-saving advantage that both heating and cooling are provided by a single system. Contact them today to talk to them about their advantages:

  • Minimizes floor assembly and thickness
  • Can be used with any finished floor material (wood, carpet, stone, etc…)
  • No need to coordinate duct runs with other systems like structure, lighting and plumbing
  • Cost effective
  • Any type of in-wall, floor or ceiling register can be used
  • Registers can be placed anywhere within AIRFLOOR™
  • The system is easily zoned
  • Similar response times to a traditional forced air system while also providing radiant properties
  • An almost silent, and a low velocity system

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