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The Gift of Soccer Foundation is a brand and a community supporting the play of the beautiful game and the culture surrounding it.  We provide resources and guidance helping kids worldwide to join, play, and grow.

The Gift of Soccer Foundation was started in 2010 by the Levandoski family (Ken, Margie, Kenny, Jessie) as an effort to help those less fortunate players in their local community gain access to basic equipment needed to play soccer.  It was astonishing to the founders that the amount of excellent equipment that was quickly out-grown or moved aside was just getting lost.  As time passed, the need and opportunities to reach kids worldwide grew rapidly.  The foundation has had the honor to assist many established and grassroots organizations with vital business structural consulting.   Since it’s inception, the Gift of Soccer Foundation has helped thousands of children worldwide receive new and gently used items collected from various soccer organizations, families, and corporate sponsors.

Youth soccer has so many positive effects in the lives of the participants. Children reap many benefits from playing soccer, including self-discipline, self-confidence, a healthier body, and stronger relationships with peers and adults.  The skills children develop while participating in sports translate to their other activities and commitments, including school performance and family relationships.   As young athletes develop their bodies, their minds develop simultaneously.  Soccer is a fantastic foundation and has skills that can be applied to any other sport that a child may choose to participate.

Many organizations do wonderful things and work very hard at it, but sometimes they need assistance to continue growth and execute at their best. Help can come in the form of fiscal donations, equipment donations, organizational structuring, marketing, and strategic planning. The donations, programs, and consulting we provide, helps organizations become stronger and more efficient at what they do. The better the grassroots organizations perform, the better the soccer infrastructure becomes, and ultimately the children and all of the community benefits.

Like their Facebook Page! Contact them to get involved in this amazing organization. Take a look at some of the 5,000+ children from our many donations reaching now 12 Countries (including the USA and Albuquerque Areas) and over 10,000 pounds of gently used up-cycled soccer gear! Share in the JOY, each and every time we help children from all over the world. 

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